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North Bay gifted students record stories for Rural Voices Radio

Third-grade gifted students from North Bay Elementary School have recorded their
original written works to be broadcast next year on Mississippi Public Radio’s Rural
Voices Radio program.
Stacey Ferguson and Jennifer Roth, educators for gifted students in the Bay-Waveland
School District, worked with the 30 students to prepare for the Dec. 8 recording session.
The students chose a topic related to the environment, did research and wrote a brief
story to record. The segments will be aired next year on a schedule to be announced
“Rural Voices Radio gives my students an authentic audience: the whole state of
Mississippi,” said Ferguson. “It makes writing important and gives young students
effective practice in all aspects of communication. Their confidence soars through this
valuable experience, and they are engaged with process learning. Tune in every weekday
at 3:28 p.m. for a treat.”
Dr. Sherry Swain, a founder of the Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute at Mississippi
State University, coached the students before they recorded their writings, as she has
done for several years. She said this year’s recordings were special because the North
Bay students have a passion for the coastal environment and it was evident in their
As student Jersey Galloway waited for her turn at the microphone, she said, “I want
people to start recycling so animals won’t get hurt.” The message student Maicee
Caswell wrote about was that people can help the environment by cleaning up a local

park or beach. “It makes me feel better, and it makes the world feel better too,” she
Rural Voices Radio, a partnership of Mississippi Writing/Thinking Institute and
Mississippi Public Broadcasting, features students and teachers from around the state
who are selected to share their unique stories of home, place and Mississippi. The
program is broadcast daily on all eight of Mississippi’s public radio stations.
A grant from the EPA’s Gulf of Mexico Program made it possible for Rural Voices
Radio to visit North Bay this year.


BWSD Maicee Caswell


BWSD Zaiden Duong

 BWSD Jersey Galloway