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Bay-Waveland School District to celebrate School Board Member Recognition Week in Mississippi

Bay-Waveland School District to celebrate

School Board Member Recognition Week in Mississippi


BAY ST. LOUIS - The Bay-Waveland School District will join districts across the state to thank school board members during School Board Member Recognition Week, Feb. 12‐18, for their leadership and service to local school districts and communities.

“This week is a special opportunity to express our gratitude for the hard work of our school board members and to thank them for their dedication to this community and its children,” said Vikki Landry, Bay-Waveland School District Superintendent.

More than 750 Mississippians are members of local school boards. The board members who serve on the Bay-Waveland School District School Board are responsible for setting the vision and goals for the district. They work to provide a quality education for over 1,800 K‐12 students. The school board also hires quality educators, sets district goals, adopts policies, and evaluates progress while keeping the interests of our students first. They also serve as the community’s voice in the school district and the district’s voice in the community.

“As school leaders, board members play an important role in engaging our community in supporting our public schools,” said Landry.

During School Board Member Recognition Week in Mississippi, the Bay-Waveland School District invites students, staff, community members, and the general public to take part in honoring board members. BWSD will honor their school board members on Feb. 15 at the monthly board meeting.

The men and women serving the Bay-Waveland School District and their years of service are: Maurice Singleton, President (5 years),  Joan Thomas, Secretary (1 year), Casey Favre (1 year), Mark Kidd (1 Year) and Mike Bell (2 years).


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Pictured from left are Bay-Waveland School District attorney Ronnie Artigues with board members Mike Bell; Maurice Singleton, board president; Joan Thomas, board secretary; Mark Kidd; and Casey Favre.